Can CH Sunbeam’s Hey Good Lookin’

Out of the puppy classes, Norma Jean took her first Best of Breed and went on to win a Group 3 placement in Canada under judge Dr. Robert Smith. She obtained her Canadian championship in just three shows. Her first year in the show ring brought her numerous placements, including breed wins, at both Specialties and All Breed Shows and she is just four points shy of her American title.

Norma Jean has a gorgeous head and beautiful dark pigment. She is a moderate size girl with good proportions, a nice coat and friendly expression.

Norma Jean is the ultimate people dog, much preferring the company of humans to her canine companions.

Norma Jean is a certified therapy dog and is registered as an official Reading Education Assistance Dog (R.E.A.D.), a worldwide children’s literacy support program. Norma Jean gives her undivided attention to those in need. She is intuitive and gentle with her affection while displaying the friendly, reliable and trustworthy temperament that is representative of the Golden Retriever.

Thank you Cathie Turner and Marla English for breeding this beautiful girl.

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Norma Jean

Can CH Sunbeam's Hey Good Lookin'

10-07-05 -- 03-17-20