Can CH Soundview’s Start Me Up

Meet Mick. This boy doesn’t need much to start him up!

A typical boy, he loves to run and play, swim and retrieve, and (especially) roll in the grass. He doesn’t know that he’s a big boy and would readily sit on your lap if you let him (and sometimes even if you don’t!)

Mick is a lot of dog. He has a nice blocky head, nice movement and a full of himself attitude. Unfortunately, Mick’s idea of fun does not include conformation or performance events. So taking an early retirement, Mick spends his time enjoying the country life.

Mick has achieved his Canadian championship, is AKC pointed in the United States and has passed the first leg toward his hunt title.

Water dog? At just three months he was performing water retrieves like the older dogs. It wasn’t long before he could out swim them and never misses an opportunity for an olympic dive!

Bred by Ken Matthews & Wayne Miller.

Owned by Scott & Debra Dalgleish.

Pedigree information and health clearances available at:

Can CH Soundview’s Start Me Up

03-25-11 --